Tuesday, December 15, 2009

BI Publisher: Bursting Designer Version 1.0

Whats new in the Bursting Designer?

The Bursting Designer has moved out of the beta phase! Version 1.0 is here and includes the following enhancements:
  1. FTP and Secure FTP (depends on the patch level)
  2. Webdav
  3. Key support
  4. Latest Version of BIP Libraries
  5. Memory Adjustment
So if you have written a Bursting Listener to FTP files you no longer have to do that anymore. You now can FTP reports in seconds with Oracle's Bursting Engine and the Bursting Designer! A lot of developers are not aware of the fact that BI Publisher Bursting supports FTP. I can't confirm it but I think FTP is an undocumented feature for burst control files. Will have to ask Leslie Studdard from oracle if that's the case or not, she's got people and the answers.

What about Webdav? Thats another option in the Bursting Designer. Webadv is really not a utilized feature but a powerful one. A developer could use a sharepoint portal to create a report repository or pseudo reporting dashboard. I've never had the request for it but when I do I know the Bursting Designer should do the trick!

Key support is available, finally! The beta version was working off of the 5.6.2 version. Version 1.0 works off of BIP 5.6.3 (patch 6241631) . Developers don't have to rollback to old version when creating control files. Also, developers are working with the latest APIs for BI Publisher ( Should be close enough for R12 developers too!

Run time memory options have also changed for the Bursting Designer. Most developers didn't experience issues with the with web start application but some did :-( The developers that had problems had out-dated hardware. If you don't have less than 256 megs of ram that is so 1999 and you need to get with the program (literally) and get a modern machine. I've changed the app to use -Xms256m -Xmx512m instead of -Xms512m -Xmx1024m. Funny story, back in 1999 I begged my father to give me some coin so I could pick up some ram to make my machine have 128 megs of ram. Back then, 128 megs was the shizzle and I was ridding high on the hog.

Future Functionality
There are some features that are still being developed below is a list:
  • XDO uri support
  • Request Removal *Manually edit the burst control file to remove a request
  • File Browsing for File Delivery and Template Fields
If you would like to request an enhancement please feel free to post a question on this blog. Also, If you would like to participate in the development of the Bursting Designer contact me via e-mail. To date I have had no developers volunteer. If you do help out, you'll be elite like a level 3 black sage*

*I went to go get a hair-cut at a salon once (it was proximity thing). The stylist told me that they had there "level 2" people on and it would cost 40.00. I'm a dude, dudes don't need a $40.00 hair cut. Anyways, I responded with "Can you ask your level 2 people to see if they can cut me a deal. I'm a level 3 black sage and I can guarantee safe passage through the mushroom forest." Needless to say the stylist did not responsed to my request. It's easy to understand why, if I were in her shoes looking a level 3 black sage I would be spooked or
maybe I would just blew a funny fuse.

Bursting Designer Download Site
*Desupported 04.22.2010 - please use the BI Publisher Toolbox.
Bursting Designer - By clicking on the download link you will be redirected to a different site. The bursting designer is java webstart application. Java 6 is required to run this application. It's recommended to bookmark this particular blog and the download site. This is because you will need to use these links every time you wish to run the Bursting Designer or find news about updates. It's technically not a requirement to use the webstart application for the java savvy developers but in doing so you will miss out on future updates and releases. It's important to note the Bursting Designer jar files will be loaded on your machine. This allows for a significant increase in performance. If you need to remove this application for some reason, go to add/remove applications.

IMPORTANT: If you have questions about the Bursting Designer or if you find a bug please post a question on this blog. If you do not post your comment on this post, I will reject your comment. I've had some complaints in recent months that it's hard to find answers on my blog because of cross post Q&A. If you e-mail me a question about the Bursting Designer be forewarned, I may ask you to post your question on this post.

Also, The source code is available for the Bursting Designer upon request. Note: You cannot sell, copyright, distribute or reproduce the software without the express written consent of Ike Wiggins.

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