Sunday, September 20, 2009

BI Publisher: Bursting Designer

What is the Bursting Designer?

The bursting designer is a new application that allows developers to build, run and test burst control files (see Figure 1). Developers of all skill levels can now implement bursting easily!

Why use the Bursting Designer?

The Bursting Designer will enhance your productivity significantly and make your bursting development easier. Below is a high-level list of benefits the tool provides:
  • Minimal knowledge is needed to build a configuration
  • Build a burst control file in minutes
  • Preview a burst control file as it's being built (See Figure 2)
  • Test the burst control file (See Figure 3)
  • Review/Analyze your delivery channels
  • View errors or troubleshoot misconfiguration
  • It's free!
Getting Started

Below is a list of video tutorials. It's recommend that developers of all skill levels review each video before trying to create a control file. This is especially true for rookie's. The video's are fast paced so you may need to pause or replay them to get the full value. This is especially true for the Bursting Designer Features.

Video Tutorials - Quicktime Required
Bursting Designer Features
Bursting Designer Lesson 1 - What is Bursting
Bursting Designer Lesson 2 - Creating a Burst Control File

Bursting Designer Download Site
Bursting Designer - By clicking on the download link you will be redirected to a different site. The bursting designer is java webstart application. Java 6 is required to run this application. It's recommended to bookmark this particular blog and the download site. This is because you will need to use these links every time you wish to run the Bursting Designer or find news about updates. It's technically not a requirement to use the webstart application for the java savvy developers but in doing so you will miss out on future updates and releases. It's important to note the Bursting Designer jar files will be loaded on your machine. This allows for a significant increase in performance. If you need to remove this application for some reason, go to add/remove applications.

This is a beta release of the Bursting Designer. There are some features that are still being developed below is a list:
  • XDO uri support
  • Request Removal *Manually edit the burst control file to remove a request
  • File Browsing for File Delivery and Template Fields
If you would like to request an enhancement please feel free to post a question on this blog. Also, If you would like to participate in the development of the Bursting Designer contact me via e-mail.

Updates/Bug Fixes
  • Request Removal is now fixed. Before removing a request make sure it's the selected one, the selected one gets removed.

Figure 1:

Figure 2:

Figure 3:

IMPORTANT: If you have questions about the Bursting Designer or if you find a bug please post a question on this blog. If you do not post your comment on this post, I will reject your comment. I've had some complaints in recent months that it's hard to find answers on my blog because of cross post Q&A. If you e-mail me a question about the Bursting Designer be forewarned, I may ask you to post your question on this post.

Also, The source code is available for the Bursting Designer upon request. Note: You cannot sell, copyright, distribute or reproduce the software without the express written consent of Ike Wiggins.