Friday, October 30, 2009

BI Publisher ToolBox

Ever wished that using the Oracle BI Publisher APIs could be easier to use? Ever wanted a single-click template load application for EBS Template Builder? Ever wanted to be able to test your reports with a single click? Look no further! These features and many more are provided in the BI Publisher ToolBox, a free configuration management tool I created for Oracle BI Publisher .

The BI Publisher ToolBox is the predecessor to the BIPublisherIDE. It's another application, I've written to help supplement BI Publisher Development. To learn more about how this free utility can make running Oracle BI Publisher reporting components incredibly easy click the link below. OTN Tech Article: Getting Started with BI Publisher ToolBox

Like the other applications I've written, the Toolbox is a 100% java. If you don't have JRE 1.6 installed you need to do so (click here).


CHANDAN said...

HI Sir,
Need Help on the below mentioned issuse...
I am trying to generate an XML report using data source as Rowset. I have a parent child relationship in my rowset.
The Parent record (Header) contains around 35K rows (and can be more) while the child record has around 350k(and can be more) rows.
&rs_STMNT_HDR = CreateRowset(Record.UOA_STMNT_HDR, &rs_STMNT_DTL);
I am getting the following error while the execution of the program,
Java VM function %s failed. (2,719) PSXP_ENGINE.RTFProcessor.OnExecute Name:generateXSL PCPC:239 Statement:9
Called from:PSXP_RPTDEFNMANAGER.ReportDefn.OnExecute Name:ConvRtfTemplateToXsl Statement:1505
Called from:PSXP_RPTDEFNMANAGER.ReportDefn.OnExecute Name:ProcessReport Statement:1006
I checked the trace file that got generated during the process and it reads,.
18 18.21.56 0.000000 JavaVM JVM arg 3: -Djava.awt.headless=true
19 18.21.56 0.000000 JavaVM JVM arg 4: -Dps_vault=D:\apps\AUCSDEV\secvault\psvault
20 18.21.56 0.000000 JavaVM JVM arg 5: -Dxdo.ConfigFile=D:\apps\AUCSDEV/appserv/xdo.cfg
21 18.21.56 0.064000 JavaVM Error occurred during initialization of VM
22 18.21.56 0.000000 JavaVM Could not reserve enough space for object heap*
23 18.21.56 0.000000 JavaVM

The process is executing normally when run for a single employee (i.e. one header row and multiple childs).

chesna said...

I have a small requirement on AR Statement Report of BI Publisher:

I developed the template (RTF) file according to the requirement but i am not able to get the output. I have checked the following programs also
a) Print Statements of type RDF
b) Statement Generation Program of type spwaned
c) AR Customer Balance Statement Letter of type Java Concurrent Program

Please let me know the process in order to get the following:

1. I need to print in PDF format
2. I need to add few attribute values also

In which report i have to modify or do changes....