Tuesday, December 22, 2009

BI Publisher: Bursting Designer Version 1.2

Whats new in the Bursting Designer 1.2?

Version 1.2 is here and it includes the following enhancements:
  1. Excel Output
  2. Templates tab fix. If you enter more than one template row it may have potentially caused the application to crash. Also, the templates could potentially be assigned to all the deliveries.
Whats next?

The Bursting Designer 1.3 will include enhanced printer options that are undocumented by Oracle. The following attributes will be added to the Printer delivery tab:
  1. attributes-charset
  2. attributes-natural-language
  3. document-format
  4. job-name
  5. media
  6. orientation-requested
  7. requesting-user-name
  8. sides

The Delivery Designer is also another skunk works project that I'm working on. The tentative release will be sometime in December or late January. This tool will allow a developer to test the delivery APIs without writing a lick of code. There is no need to speculate, whether or not a delivery API is capable of a particular integration point.

Ever been asked, "Can we send a document to an EDI system using as2 Document Delivery APIs?" I know I have and I really didn't have a confident answer of yes or no and I had no way of finding out without writing some code. So, the Delivery Designer will let you kick the tires so speak before making a coding commitment. You'll be able to tell your manager confidently, yes this will work!

More details to follow....

If you have questions about the Bursting Designer or if you find a bug please post a question on this blog. Please no cross posting and make sure the question matches the topic.


pavanchandbrahmabhotla said...

I am having an issue with the number of copies. When I put one in the request (using POs 120812-120813),
120812 emails to me and 120813 prints as expected but both also print to the printer (so 120813 prints twice).
When I put zero copies in the request, 120812 emails to me and nothing prints out.

Thanks & Regards


Ike Wiggins said...

yah, you can't do that yet with BIP. I designed the application to allow for that type of setup and bi publisher allows for a configuration file to be setup that way.

However, the oracle api really can only handle one delivery per request.

Sorry :-(