Saturday, January 21, 2012

BI Publisher Blog News

Source Code Link Changes
I wanted to give everyone who views this blog a heads-up that some of the links to my source code and home grown apps will be changing in the next couple of months to a new server. My apple mobile me account is being transitioned and I will no longer have server space so I have to do it :-)  In the event a link is dead, do me a solid and send me an e-mail or post a comment that it's dead! 

BI Publisher Toolbox Updates
In dec 2010, I stated I would be releasing a standalone version of the toolbox for windows.  This will be rolled into the link change and I wanted to apologize for the long delay.  Also, going forward if you have any suggestions or improvements for the tool please let me know!


Marv x said...

hi Ike Wiggins ,
i tried the link you posted to download the BIP Conversion Utilities.But the link is dead.

Anonymous said...

Hi:- I am unable to download the BI Publisher ToolBox. The link leads to the apple website.