Thursday, April 22, 2010

BI Publisher Toolbox 4.2.3

BI Publisher Toolbox Development Suite Fixes Part II

Once, again....
A new version of the BI Publisher Toolbox has been released. The following things are fixed:
  • BI Publisher Toolbox fail to email reports when running burst control files
  • Bursting Designer fails to e-mail reports, there are no errors
  • Delivery Designer does nothing when the run button is pushed for email
The reason the output files were not being emailed is simple. The is required to make this functionality work. If you don't have these jar files you should see the following error message: Unable to locate provider for protocol: smtp. Below is some sample output from the delivery designer....Also, that's how I was able to fix this issue. The Delivery Designer is a great utility for bursting troubleshooting....

Known Issues
There is still an outstanding issue with the Bursting Designer crashing. This is caused by a space or an invalid location to a format template. Be sure to verify the template location is valid. I should have another patch out this week for this issue.

The BI Publisher Toolbox can be downloaded here. I'm still working on the standalone version of the application. Should be available for download in the next couple of days. I'll update the blog when it's out there!

Sample output from the Delivery Designer

[042210_050359941][][STATEMENT] XDO_CFG Location: null
[042210_050359941][][STATEMENT] submit(DeliveryResponseListener): Called
[042210_050359941][][STATEMENT] submit(DeliveryResponseListener): Starting status checking thread.
[042210_050400004][$RequestChecker][STATEMENT] Constructor called. [Check interval : 10000 ms][Timeout : 86400000 ms][Retry : 0][Retry interval : 60000]
[042210_050400020][$RequestChecker][STATEMENT] run(): Called. Start the request checking thread for request id #1
[042210_050400020][$RequestChecker][STATEMENT] run(): Begin retry loop : 0
[042210_050400020][$RequestChecker][STATEMENT] run(): Calling submit()
[042210_050400020][][STATEMENT] submit(): Called
[042210_050400066][][STATEMENT] setDefaultServerProperties(): No properties for the server '' were found.
[042210_050400066][][STATEMENT] setDefaultServerProperties(): properties defined in this request.
[PORT:Integer] [25]
[SMTP_FROM:String] []
[SMTP_CONTENT_TYPE:String] [application/pdf]
[ASYNC_TIMEOUT:Integer] [86400000]
[HOST:String] [ ]
[RETRY:Integer] [0]
[ASYNC_CHECK_INTERVAL:Integer] [10000]
[TEMP_FILE_SUFFIX:String] [.tmp]
[BUFFERING_MODE:Boolean] [true]
[SMTP_SUBJECT:String] [This is a converison test!]
[TEMP_FILE_PREFIX:String] [dlvr]
[RETRY_INTERVAL:Integer] [60000]

[042210_050400066][][STATEMENT] submit(): BUFFERING_MODE is ON.
[042210_050400066][][STATEMENT] submit(): TEMP_DIR not found. Turn off the BUFFERING_MODE.
[042210_050400066][][STATEMENT] submit(): Start reading the document file. : C:\SALES.pdf
[042210_050400066][][STATEMENT] submit(): Calling DeliveryRequestHandler.submitRequest()
[042210_050400066][][STATEMENT] submitRequest(): called
[042210_050400113][][STATEMENT] submitRequest(): This request has never been submitted before.
[042210_050400145][][STATEMENT] addAttachment(): Adding an attachment ...[filename]=[null], [content-type]=[application/pdf], [index]=[0], [disposition]=[inline]
[042210_050400145][][STATEMENT] addAttachment(): Character set for MIME headers : UTF-8
[042210_050400145][][STATEMENT] addAttachment(): Character encoding for MIME headers : B
[042210_050400145][][STATEMENT] addAttachment(): Exiting addAttachment()
[042210_050400160][][STATEMENT] submitRequest(): Character set for MIME headers : UTF-8
[042210_050400160][][STATEMENT] submitRequest(): Character encoding for MIME headers : B
[042210_050400176][$RequestChecker][STATEMENT] run(): Calling Thread.sleep() before checking status : 10000
[042210_050410176][$RequestChecker][STATEMENT] run(): Checking request status. (10172 millisec passed since thread started.
[042210_050410176][$RequestChecker][STATEMENT] run(): Got request status. (Status id : 19)
[042210_050410176][$RequestChecker][STATEMENT] run(): Calling callback - DeliveryResponseListener.responseReceived()
[042210_050410176][][STATEMENT] Request done!
[042210_050410176][][STATEMENT] Request status id : 19
[042210_050410176][][STATEMENT] Request status msg: Unable to locate provider for protocol: smtp
[042210_050410176][][STATEMENT] Request body: null

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Balu Pesala said...

Hi All,

I have create one template with barcode where as the barcode is diplaying in formats like RTF, HTML and EXCELS but the same barcode is not displaying in the PDF format.

Kindly request you to help me on the same.