Thursday, July 17, 2008

BI Publisher: Template Builder Versions

Version chaos!

The good thing about evolving software is that each version brings new functionality and improvements (bug-fixes). The dark side is that compatibility of versions should be watched closely. This also holds for BI Publisher, the Template builder version should be of the same version as the installation that resides on the server or in E-Business Suite.Therefore an overview of the Template Builder versions that I could get a hand on:
  • Oracle XML Publisher version 5.6.3 (for R12) - patch 5887917
  • Oracle XML Publisher version 5.6.3 (for 11i) - patch 5887917
  • Oracle XML Publisher version 5.6.2 - patch 5027437
  • Oracle XML Publisher version 5.6.1 - no new builder use patch 4561835
  • Oracle XML Publisher version 5.6.0 - no new builder use patch 4561835
  • Oracle XML Publisher version 5.5 - patch 4561835
  • Oracle XML Publisher version 5.0 - patch 4239263
  • Oracle XML Publisher version 4.5 - no template builder :-(
Whenever you start working with another BI Publisher version, you should ideally de-install the current version and install the most suitable Template Builder version.


David said...

I'm using BI Publisher at work that's integrated into our APEX server. Is there a quick method to check the version of BI Publisher we are running? Perhaps by uploading and running a template with certain code?

Anonymous said...

Table headers are not reapeating in very page in the RTF output. where as it is in the PDF o/p.

Template bulider version is shows as 10.1.3

Is this problem fixed in the latest version. ? what is the latest version.

Ike Wiggins said...

You can find the latest version of bip at oracle. I would however recommend that you keep it in-sync with whatever version is running on your server.

Only one table header can be selected to repeat. It should work but there can be a wide variety of reasons it may not. Check to make sure that row doesn't break across the pages. Remember, rtf and pdf are different output formats and when the reports are generated the output of those reports will not be identical but very close to it.

Anonymous said...


I have similar issue. I am trying to repeat headers which is in 2 lines

Description comment

across the pages if group runs for more than one page.

I have tried:
Step 1. split the table so that the headers become their own table and the detail becomes its own table.
Step 2. set table properties for the row of headers to so that the header row should be repeated on every page
Step 3. set the table properties for the detail row(s) so that they do not repeat as header on the next page.
Step 4. Remove the table split made in step on so that there is one table again.

But it gives me error ..

Any suggestions?

Ike Wiggins said...

post the error