Tuesday, January 8, 2008

BI Publisher: Blog Tag

Tim Dexter has decided to blog tag me. Being a good sport I will accept his challenge. Basically, I have to reveal 8 things that people wouldn’t know about me unless I told you.

1. Being 50% Irish, 25% German, 15%, Scottish, 5% English. I have a fond love for beer, it’s genetic :-). I have brewing beer successfully at home for over 2 years and yes it’s very drinkable I might add. It’s because of this I would consider myself a “beer snob.” If you know who Michael Jackson is, then you’re probably a beer snob too and I’m not talking about the singer….

2. I lack any form of shame. Two small examples: There is a childhood picture of me in my senior yearbook riding a horse naked or the fact that in my previous driver license photo I don’t have my shirt on.

3. I’m notoriously cheap. If you ask my wife she’ll say this is a typical conversation: Does it cost money? Then it’s been decided were not doing it.

4. I still use my college student ID to get discounts at movie theaters. I’m 28 years old….On a side-note, I convinced my wife to do the same thing :-)

5. A typical vacation for me is usually a tropical destination. I love to dive. Diving is one of the most relaxing sports around. I’m jaded though because it’s quite an expensive hobby (see #3).

6. I recently got into Olympic lifting, it’s awesome sport.

7. PBS Junky

8. I believe global warming is a real phenomenon...

1 comment:

yuvraj said...

But still i am not able to print the pdf.

I am using BIPublisher Version
I have installed Internet Information services (IIS) on the printer server as well.i was able to see the printer"Test Printer" when i fire the
following URL.

On Bipublisher Admin->printer Tab i have configured the Test Printer

URI=ipp://printerServer:81/printers/Test Printer

I am calling following URL on Java Swing client

http://ServerName:port/xmlpserver/Report.xdo?_xpf=&_xpt=0 &HeaderId=1111 &d_printerd_p_name=Test Printer

Here the Test Printer is name of mine printer which i configured on IIS and BIPublisher server.

please let me know where i am doing wrong.